room to value... to weep... etc.

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PS Today is the New Moon, and for me the beginning proper of Lent, so I'm taking a break from the internet (other than checking emails). I have gathered all my 'Room to...' posts in my Alphabet of Rooms here in the sidebar, which will appear when you press the wee lines icon upper left on the homepage.
See you after Easter 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼
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(ATC © Claire Sauer)
Yes, I weep. Too easily - An ad on TV, A poem, A photo, A memory.
Yes, I weep, Especially when Trying to speak, Of hard things, Nameless things, Memories.
Yes, I weep, And I'm glad My feelings are Just under my skin. Touch me, And I weep.

(Today, 5am)


XFER Needless to say, the 'x' in any alphabet is tricky, especially if you're looking for a verb...

Apparently 'xfer' is a legitimate abbreviation of 'transfer', and when I first discovered art journalling in my early 40s, I embraced every technique I could - s…

room to understand...

And on my desk today....

... a playful session in the Quotes section of my bullet journal. I had a go at scraping paint straight from the tube across the page using an old loyalty card (for here, if you're interested πŸ˜‹ )

And what can you espy at the top of the picture?? A wee card and this, from the delectable Ms Dunnit! THANK YOU, JULIA!!

I will wear it with pride on my coat, along with my daffodil for this great charity.

Today is quite a day - Ash Wednesday AND Valentine's - we're going to the local 'ashing' service here...
(image from google)
... after we've enjoyed this - a last hurrah before we focus on Lent πŸ™

(image from google)
I am endeavouring to finish my Alphabet of Rooms asap (which you can find in the sidebar, just press the wee lines icon upper left on the homepage, and it will appear); and then I'm taking a break from the internet (other than checking emails) during Lent.

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room to tolerate...

And then, I would add, be sure to tolerate every others' peculiar tribe...